15 Signs your partner is never going to marry you – find out if somebody is wasting your time

9. CONFLICT IS JUST NOT HIS CUP OF TEA. In a healthy, normal relationship, people are able to talk out their problems pretty easily. If he can’t discuss his issues properly, threatens to break up with you at the drop of a hat, or if he clams up, this is a sign that he isn’t ready for marriage in the least bit. Even if he does propose, it will likely be a marriage that’s short-lived.

10. “I MIGHT MARRY YOU… GIVE ME MORE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT.” Statistically speaking, most guys know that they want to marry a girl within a half year of dating. Don’t buy this line. If he can’t see what’s in front of him, kick him to the curb. Prev4 of 7Next

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