How to Get Your Boyfriends Attention 2

#2 Don’t go overboard. Some girls try to compensate for not having their boyfriend’s attention by trying way too many over the top things to make their men see them. This is not the way to go. Never start doing crazy or wild things in an attempt to get his attention. It’s not worth it and it won’t work.

#3 Do less. The key isn’t to do more, it’s to do less. Guys usually get annoyed when you do too much to get their attention. In most cases, they’ll roll their eyes and go back to ignoring you. What really makes a difference is when you pull back. Just stop trying to get his attention. He’ll notice your withdrawn behavior a lot more than he’ll notice your extravagant attempts to get his attention. So do less and he’ll end up coming to you.

#4 Talk to him during a good time. If you always feel like your man is ignoring you but the only time you talk to him is in the middle of his favorite show, that’s your fault. Don’t try to get his attention when you know it just won’t happen. Choose better times to talk to him and spend time together.

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