How to Get Your Boyfriends Attention 3

#5 Discuss his behavior. Just talk to him. Don’t be afraid to tell him that he’s not giving you enough attention. This is a serious problem in your relationship and if he cares, he’ll listen and make the change. But don’t try to talk to him while yelling or blaming him. First, tell him that you’re feeling a little down about yourself. Once he realizes how it’s negatively affecting you, he’ll listen more intently.

#6 Don’t deal with disrespect. If your significant other is disrespecting you, that’s a whole other problem. Don’t let him do that. Stop him the second he’s doing it and call him out on it. More often than not, this will surely get his attention.

#7 Delegate time to spend together. If you’re not getting the attention you want because both of your attention is split when together, then just schedule time together. There’s nothing wrong with this if you both have busy lives. This way, you’ll be able to focus on each other while together instead of having to check your social media, watch a movie, and try to hang out together. Make a time that’s just for the two of you to be alone together.

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